Summary Of Articles Posted In The Month Of June

Here is the summary of the articles released on this site over the month of May. Take a look over the list and see if there is anything that interests you.

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JUN 302011 VSFTPD – Disable SSH Login and Allow FTP Access – A step by step guide revealing how you can create a SSH user under linux that has FTP access through VSFTPD and also has SSH access removed. It essentially creates a linux user that is FTP only. read more » view article
JUN 282011 CSS Two Column Layout – Static Column With Elastic Column – Create a CSS HTML table layout that has a static or fixed column to the right hand side and also a liquid, fluid or elastic column to the left of the web page that resizes as the browser window is resized. read more » view article
JUN 262011 Best Webmaster Addons For Mozilla Firefox – A list of firefox addons that every web developer should be using. Once you have these installed, your development will be unstoppable. read more » view article
JUN 242011 MySQL Change Root Password – See how you can change the default password for MySQL Root User as well as updating any other users MySQL user password in this handy article. read more » view article
JUN 222011 CSS Padding vs Margin – It took a little while to figure out when and where I should be using margins instead of padding and visa versa. That is why i created this post to help other out there understand the difference and show when margins and padding should be used. read more » view article
JUN 202011 PHP List Directory – A PHP Code example of listing a php folder and its contents. It shows you the best way to get the directory list and provides code to get you started. read more » view article
JUN 182011 PHP Get File Extension Quickly – This has got to be the quickest way to get a file extension in PHP. It can be applied to file extensions of file uploads or existing files on a server. Get the code now. read more » view article
JUN 162011 2D Sprite Animation Tutorial – Ever wanted to create a quick animation without the use of flash. This article shows what sprites are and why sprites should be used. Speed up your sites create amazing animations with CSS and Sprites. read more » view article
JUN 142011 Pure CSS Drop Down Menu – Drop downs are found in most or perhaps all websites these days. This article will teach you how to create Pure CSS Drop Down Menus that are quick and W3C Compliant. The CSS menus are provided using as little code possible to keep the example clean, tidy and easy to understand. read more » view article
JUN 122011 Override The Default PHP Execution Timeout Limit – In PHP you will find that a PHP script may run for too long and eventually timeout. This normally great but perhaps you need the script to run for as long as it needs to. It is easy to override the timeout as you can view in this article. It will show you numerous ways to override php execution timeout and examples include htaccess, php.ini and apache examples. read more » view article
JUN 102011 Secure Directory With Apache htpasswd and htaccess – Need a secure and password protected website folder that allows only some users to access it. See how you can achieve results through this article. read more » view article
JUN 82011 5 Tips To Starting A New Project – Starting a new project is a delicate task. It sets the tone and outlines how the entire project will operate. Follow these simple tips to make sure your projects start off on the best foot. read more » view article
JUN 62011 Get and Display Hard Disk Space Usage Using PHP – Get the free space and used hard disk space on your webserver using this free function. It will also generate a visual progress bar to indicate exactly how much hard disk space is being used. read more » view article
JUN 42011 Validate Email Address Online – All developers would have had to validate an email address to ensure it is in the correct format. Use this only tool to validate an email address instantly. read more » view article
JUN 22011 Running Linux logrotate.d Command Manually – A while back, one of my servers almost ran out of hard disk space. I needed to quickly free up some space and seeing as my logs were massive I needed to manually run logrotate to instantly free up huge amounts of space. I documented the proccess into this article so you can prevent the same issue happening to you. read more » view article

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