Common Ports List – Most Commonly Used Port Numbers

List of Commonly Used Ports

Below is a list of common ports and the service it is associated with I find are most commonly used. If you feel there are ports that should be on this list, please leave a comment or contact me.

Updated 17 May 2012 to include ports recommended by DHost

Port Description TCP UDP
20 FTP – data port (File Transfer Protocol)  
21 FTP – command port (File Transfer Protocol)  
22 SSH (Secure Shell)  
23 Telnet  
25 SMTP – Sending Mail (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)  
43 WHOIS – Domain Name Lookup  
53 DNS (Domain Name System)
67 DHCP – Server (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)  
68 DHCP – Client (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)  
80 HTTP – Webservers such as Apache2 and IIS – more info on accessing websites on alternate ports
110 POP3 – Receiving emails (Post Office Protocol, version 3)  
123 NTP (Network Time Protocol)  
143 IMAP – Receiving emails (Internet Message Access Protocol)
443 SSL – Webserver with encryption (Secure Socket Layer)
Plesk Control Panel also uses this port
1433 MSSQL – Database (Microsoft SQL Server)
2082 cPanel  
2083 cPanel over SSL  
2095 cPanel Webmail  
2096 cPanel Webmail over SSL  
3128 Squid Proxy – Default Squid Proxy Port. Port 8080 is another common port for squid.  
3306 MySQL – Database
8080 HTTP Port (Alternate port generally used when port 80 is already in use – more info)  
8443 Plesk Control Panel  


Accessing a website on a different port

When you access websites, you are, by default, accessing them on the port 80 since this is the default web port used by websites. This means that is the exact same as (where :80 specifies the port number). However if the website server is using another port such as a more commonly used alternate port 8080, then you will need to specify the non-default port in the following format: where is the website domain or IP address and 8080 is the port number the website is running on.

3 Responses to Common Ports List – Most Commonly Used Port Numbers

  1. avatar Cankat says:

    Thanx, this is great.

  2. avatar DHost says:

    You can also Add on
    cPanel —- 2082
    Plesk Control Panel – SSL—- 8443
    Webmail —- 2095


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