My top 10 iPhone Game Apps

Here is a quick list of the 10 11 12 13 iPhone and iPad game apps in no particular order that I tend to find myself playing most often. These are worth taking a look at and should bring you hours to entertainment. If you are bored or have some time spare, then these will keep you busy.

I would say my favourite still as to be Angry Birds. If you haven’t heard about angry birds yet, then you better grab the game now! You are missing out.

1. Trade Nations – build up your civilisation and gather resource to continue building a massive city. Trade with your friends and build unique buildings. Use your gathered resources to build bigger and better city.

2. Smurfs’ Village – similar to trade nations and perfect for those Smurf fans.

3. Angry Birds – Use a catapult to fling birds into building and other destructible objects to defeat the nasty pigs that have stolen your eggs. Great physics engine behind it.

4. Field Runners – A tower defense style game where you try to prevent soldiers from reaching their target by building towers to stop them.

5. Fruit Ninja – A beautiful designed game where you try to slice up fruit and avoid the bombs. Pit aside a lot of time and prepare to get addicted.

6. Cut the Rope – A puzzle game which is unique from most game. Cut the ropes in the correct order and careful on your timing to get the sweets to the hungry critter.

7. Infinity Blade – The most amazing 3d graphics I am yet to see in any iPod/iPhone/iPad game. attack a castle and defeat all the assailants in your path to reach the top. Upgrade your armor and weapons to become more powerful but beware your your foes will become increasingly difficult.

8. Battle Heart – This game reminding me of a Warcraft style game where you control a number of characters and defeat levels of enemies. Upgrade their armor and choose your characters wisely to build a strong party of heroes.

9. Plants vs. Zombies – One of the most unique designs which has made it an extremely popular game. Zombies are attacking your house but don’t worry, you can plant different types of plants to fend of the zombies and prevent them from entering you house.

10. Doodle Jump – A simple yet surprisingly fun game. Keep jumping and reach as high as you can and challenge your friend to get the highest score.

11. Tiny Wings – A unique game where you are a bird with tiny wings. You can’t fly but luckily there are a lot of hills to launch your self into the air and across to other islands.

12. AoD (Army of Darkness) – A castle defence game where you play a hero that has to defend your castle from an army of skeletons. Upgrade your character and castle to fend off the horde.

13. Buddy Rush – Cute and fun game where you run around destroying monsters with your buddies. Gain levels and improve your spells and attacks to take on increasingly difficult enemies. A must play game for any role playing addict.

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