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Best Webmaster Addons For Mozilla Firefox

Below are the best addons I have found that help me day to day with my web development. Every developer should have these installed and you will see how much better your development will be. Firebug A must for any web developer. It allows you to inspect each and every element, as well as live [...]

NRMA Car Park Challenge – iPhone Utility App Review

I have recently been invited to test and wrote up a review for an upcoming iPhone application called NRMA Car Park Challenge by NRMA. Car Park Challenge Review Car Park challenge is a game you are challenged to drive a car using a top down view which brings back fond memories of GTA 2. The [...]

Validate Email Address Online

Use the form below to check email address is valid. Simply enter an email into the box below and hit ‘validate’ to validate the email address online. It simply makes sure the format of the email address is correct and does not verify that the email address actually exists or belongs to anyone. You can [...]

Speed up websites with eAccelerator for PHP

Before we can understand how eAccelerator ( will help speed up your websites loading speed, it is important to realise how php scripts are executed and run to power your websites. When you create a php script to do amazing things like pulling information out of a MySQL database or connecting to a web service [...]

Installing eAccelerator for PHP on Debian Linux

After trying eAccelerator and finding out how great and simple it is, I decided to write a quick guide to show you how to install eAccelerator for PHP. If you are unsure on what eAccelerator is, you can view my post describing what it does and how it can drastically improve your website page generation [...]

What are unix timestamps and why they are useful

Unix timestamps are a way or storing a specific date and time. Unix timestamps are a 10 digit number that represents the number of seconds that have passed since midnight Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTC) of January 1st, 1970. What makes timestamps ever so useful is that since timestamps are recorded as of UTC (or GMT) [...]