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2D Sprite Animation Tutorial

What are sprite animations? A sprite animation is basically a large image which contains a whole bunch of smaller images. Think of it as a film strip where each frame is the next piece of animation in the sequence. The idea of sprites is that you only need to load one image and it will [...]

Validate Email Address Online

Use the form below to check email address is valid. Simply enter an email into the box below and hit ‘validate’ to validate the email address online. It simply makes sure the format of the email address is correct and does not verify that the email address actually exists or belongs to anyone. You can [...]

Pass a PHP Array to Javascript as JSON using AJAX and json_encode

Overview You will mostly likely (or already have) reached a point where you have a PHP array and you need to be able to access that array from inside a Javascript function. You may wonder if it is possible to pass an array from PHP to Javascript. Fortunately I have created a tutorial on how [...]

Aborting an Ajax Request in jQuery

When using ajax to request a page or data, there will be occasions where you will need to cancel the ajax call. Some reasons may be that the page you are calling enters an infinite loop and stops the call from returning. Maybe you need to cancel a previous request before making a new request [...]