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MySQL Change Root Password

When you first install mysql, there won’t be a mysql password set for you. In order to set a mysql root password, you can use the mysqladmin command. Create MySQL Root Password Firstly change to the folder where your mysql is installed and enter the following command, where mypassword is the new password to use [...]

Override The Default PHP Execution Timeout Limit

In any programming language there is always a chance that your code will enter an infinite loop and get stuck for a long time. There is also a chance that a script may be processing large and complex data which causes it consume large amounts of server resources for a long time which affects other [...]

Secure Directory With Apache htpasswd and htaccess

Overview Need a folder secured on your website with a username and password? You may have some important documents you need to share with selected people. You could have restricted downloads you need to give to certain people. In any of these cases, you can secure a folder with one or multiple usernames and passwords. [...]

Running Linux logrotate.d Command Manually

Here Is My Problem One day while perusing around one of my Debian Linux servers I noticed that the disk was extremely full. After taking a look at what could be using up all the disk space, I realised that my log files were absolutely massive with some log files being close to 20 GB [...]

Speed up websites with eAccelerator for PHP

Before we can understand how eAccelerator ( will help speed up your websites loading speed, it is important to realise how php scripts are executed and run to power your websites. When you create a php script to do amazing things like pulling information out of a MySQL database or connecting to a web service [...]

Installing eAccelerator for PHP on Debian Linux

After trying eAccelerator and finding out how great and simple it is, I decided to write a quick guide to show you how to install eAccelerator for PHP. If you are unsure on what eAccelerator is, you can view my post describing what it does and how it can drastically improve your website page generation [...]