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CSS Two Column Layout – Static Column With Elastic Fluid Column

Are you looking for some quick HTML code to create a two column table with one static column and an elastic or fluid column. It took me a while to figure out, especially since css is one of my weaker languages. So I have placed the code here to hopefully make your life easier when [...]

CSS Padding vs Margin

During a web page construction, you will be attempting to correctly layout your page elements in the correct position and order. Sometimes you will need to add a bit of div padding or div margins in order to get a div tag into the correct place. What is the difference between CSS Padding vs Margin [...]

2D Sprite Animation Tutorial

What are sprite animations? A sprite animation is basically a large image which contains a whole bunch of smaller images. Think of it as a film strip where each frame is the next piece of animation in the sequence. The idea of sprites is that you only need to load one image and it will [...]

Pure CSS Drop Down Menu

Overview – Pure CSS Drop Down Menu In this article, I will show you have to create a Pure CSS Drop Down Menu without using any Javascript. We create the css drop down menu, we create an ‘unordered list’ (which is a series or <ul> and <li> tags) and then apply our css style to [...]

Using CSS sprites for menus and buttons and animations

What are image sprites? Let me start off by explaining what an image sprite is. A sprite is basically one larger image that is made up of many smaller images. The idea of sprites is that you only need to load one image and then apply it to a smaller div or A tag so [...]