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Add Zone And Domain To DNS Bind Server – Also Includes A Sample DNS Domain Zone File

Overview Welcome to the second of my DNS articles. It is more of a prequel to my first article in which I explained the steps in Creating A DNS Entry For A SubDomain. This article assumes you have already installed bind and it is all running. If not, then you will need to setup bind [...]

Creating A DNS Entry For A SubDomain – Add A DNS Entry Into Bind

Overview Welcome to the first of a bunch of DNS articles I will write to help explain the different tasks needed to configure and manage your own DNS server using bind under Linux. The article assumes you have already installed bind and it is all running. If not, then you will need to setup bind [...]

Calculate Time Difference Between your Users And Your Server

People access your site aren’t always in the same timezone as you are. Now perhaps you would like to determine what the time is for a user in a different country. Then here is a quick way to find this information out. This example is very useful if you simply want to fetch your clients [...]

GRANT’ing Privileges and Permissions To Users On A Database In MySQL

If you would like to add a user to MySQL and give them permissions to view on or multiple databases, then continue reading. It is a fairly simple process and can be very powerful in keeping your database secure as well as giving people the access to the database they need. In order to run [...]

PHP stdin – Reading user input from command line in PHP

In C++ it is called cin, and in perl it is $variable = <STDIN> however what is the equivalent of cin and STDIN for PHP? Well in PHP is is similar to perl in that we use php://stdin to read a user’s input from the command line. It is pretty straight forward and hopefully the [...]

Increase PHP Memory Limit in htaccess, apache or in a php script

Most of us have come across this error: “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate yyy bytes) in ….” in the php error logs. In php, running out of memory in usually a sign that your php script is not too well written or has a bug or two in [...]

PHP Pear – Installing Pear and Pear Packages

What is PEAR? PEAR is an acronym for PHP Extension and Application Repository. PEAR is a massive repository for PHP code. It provide easy access to hundreds of classes that can be implemented into your existing PHP project. It saves you time since you won’t have to write anything from scratch and you can simply reuse [...]