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A little about me

My name is Darian Brown and I have been a working in the programming industry for over 10 years now. Over the years I have been able to working in many different areas which has allowed me to learn pickup a wide range of new skills.Darian Brown

I started out programming in C++ and eventually moved more towards web development. While doing web development I was also involved in other areas such as setting up dns/mail servers, website designing, managing dedicated linux servers, website hosting, database construction and programming in languages such as perl, php, mysql, html, css, javascript, java, flash.

About my website

This website has been created as a way for me to share helpful tips, showcase tutorials and give out useful techniques that I have been lucky enough to gain over the years. I will be posting tutorials, tips, techniques and topics on a wide range of skills which will include topics such as programming, designing, IT administration and other technology related topics.

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