Monthly Archives: August 2011

PHP Script to Check Remote Server Port or Service is Running

As most webmasters will know, if your website is doing, clients are going to be knocking on your door with pitchforks and torches. Here is a script that allows you to monitor remote ports on a server to make sure that the required services are running such as Apache (port 80), FTP (port 21), SSH [...]

MySQL Copy Table Data To Another Table – Migrating MySQL Data

So you are looking at transferring the data of on MySQL Table into another MySQL Table. This can be surprisingly easier if your tables have the same structure. You can use the query below which will gather the data from one MysQL table and then insert the data into a second table of your choice. [...]

PHP Function To Quickly Implode Array Keys Into A String

In PHP there is a great function for converting a PHP Array into a string (and visa versa) using the function implode() as well as the array_keys() function to fetch the keys of the array. Combining these two functions, we can easily convert the keys of an array into a string. Note that as this [...]