Monthly Archives: June 2011

Summary Of Articles Posted In The Month Of June

Here is the summary of the articles released on this site over the month of May. Take a look over the list and see if there is anything that interests you. Published Post Details View JUN 302011 VSFTPD – Disable SSH Login and Allow FTP Access – A step by step guide revealing how you [...]

CSS Two Column Layout – Static Column With Elastic Fluid Column

Are you looking for some quick HTML code to create a two column table with one static column and an elastic or fluid column. It took me a while to figure out, especially since css is one of my weaker languages. So I have placed the code here to hopefully make your life easier when [...]

Best Webmaster Addons For Mozilla Firefox

Below are the best addons I have found that help me day to day with my web development. Every developer should have these installed and you will see how much better your development will be. Firebug A must for any web developer. It allows you to inspect each and every element, as well as live [...]

MySQL Change Root Password

When you first install mysql, there won’t be a mysql password set for you. In order to set a mysql root password, you can use the mysqladmin command. Create MySQL Root Password Firstly change to the folder where your mysql is installed and enter the following command, where mypassword is the new password to use [...]

CSS Padding vs Margin

During a web page construction, you will be attempting to correctly layout your page elements in the correct position and order. Sometimes you will need to add a bit of div padding or div margins in order to get a div tag into the correct place. What is the difference between CSS Padding vs Margin [...]

NRMA Car Park Challenge – iPhone Utility App Review

I have recently been invited to test and wrote up a review for an upcoming iPhone application called NRMA Car Park Challenge by NRMA. Car Park Challenge Review Car Park challenge is a game you are challenged to drive a car using a top down view which brings back fond memories of GTA 2. The [...]