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Summary Of Articles Posted In The Month Of May

Here is the summary of the articles released on this site over the month of May. Take a look over the list and see if there is anything that interests you. Published Post Details View MAY 302011 5 Tips To Running A Successful Meeting – Project Management – Ever needed a few quick tips on [...]

5 Tips To Running A Successful Meeting – Project Management

Stick To The Agenda Before the meeting, create a topic driven agenda. It is important to make sure you cover all the topics during the meeting and ensure that you don’t stray off topic to discuss other points. If another point is raised, jot it down and place it in the following meetings agenda. Keep [...]

Validate IP Addresses – Javascript and PHP Example

Below is a similar post to my other post on validate email addresses example except in this post we will validate an IP address instead of an email address. I have also provided simple and straight forward code snippets for Javascript and PHP. It uses a regular expression to test if the string passed to [...]

Pass a PHP Array to Javascript as JSON using AJAX and json_encode

Overview You will mostly likely (or already have) reached a point where you have a PHP array and you need to be able to access that array from inside a Javascript function. You may wonder if it is possible to pass an array from PHP to Javascript. Fortunately I have created a tutorial on how [...]

String To Array and Array To String in PHP

Arrays are used extremely often in PHP and at times it is important to be able to convert data to and from arrays. PHP has two functions to achieve this and I will give an example of each one. explode() – convert string to an array implode() – convert array to a string explode() Converts [...]

PHP Arrays – Push, Pop, Shift and Unshift

Many if not all PHP developers will come across arrays in their day to day programming. Arrays allow you to store ‘rows’ or ‘blocks’ of information. PHP comes with plenty functions that can be used to create, manage and enchance arrays, and I will focus on four functions that allow you to add and remove [...]

Using CSS sprites for menus and buttons and animations

What are image sprites? Let me start off by explaining what an image sprite is. A sprite is basically one larger image that is made up of many smaller images. The idea of sprites is that you only need to load one image and then apply it to a smaller div or A tag so [...]

Running PHP Script from Cron using wget or php5-cgi

Cron is a job based scheduler used in Unix type operating systems. It allows you to schedule tasks to be run at given intervals such as scheduling a php script to run weekly, every second day, hourly, every 3 minutes, weekends, and so on. Running a perl or bash script from cron is usually a [...]